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Daily Daria (in Japan)

Type Camp filmmaker and family member Daria Lanz made a series of films about her experiences at this camp, rather than just being behind the camera during all the fun. They are fabulous and all of us would bug her every day about the next installment, because that’s just how we roll. These are not promotional films about this camp, … continue reading


The people of Ibaraki prefecture were perpetually curious about why we selected it as the location for our camp. Other prefectures are better known for tourism or arts or nature, but we were perfectly happy in the little town of Makabe and around Mount Tsukuba. It was filled with craftspeople that were eager to share, and frankly, that’s all one could … continue reading

Our own Gold Medal Winner!

We were so fortunate to have such a wonderful Japanese calligraphy class with the elegant and amazingly talented Junko Matsumura during Type Camp Japan this October. AND . . .  not only was she a great instructor, she also just won  The Gold Medal in the Morisawa Typeface competition. We are so proud of our Junko-san, for her excellent Shimanami typeface! (And … continue reading