Type Camp Bloggin’

Incredible India 2014

I’ve just returned home from my time in India and I can honestly say that I wish I were back there! It’s not just because of the palm trees or the warm sun, but rather the fantastic Indian folks that we worked with from Tara Books & Footprint B&B, and... Continue Reading.

A Very Fabulous Web Type West

Not only did Type Camp’s first ever conference sell out, but it was a day that was far more successful and fun than I had even hoped. The space was great, the speakers were energetic (& hilarious, I’m talking to you, Brian Warren!) and the packed audience was engaged.

... Continue Reading.

Bickham Script

I’ve recently partnered with Adobe Type on a few things, mainly the upcoming scholarship to Type Camp India. I’ve been looking for a place to write about typography, but more little tidbits of history along with practical use tips, and I’ve found it with the Adobe Type Blog. There will... Continue Reading.

25 years ago? oh my!

This autumn, I was interviewed (here at my home – look at that view!) by the North Carolina State University College of Design, where I received my Bachelors degree in Environmental Design in Graphic Design 25 years ago (eek!). They featured me in the ‘innovation’ issue of their Design Life... Continue Reading.

Web Type West, finally!

It is with great pride (and slightly bleary eyes) that I can announce Web Type West, Type Camp’s first ever conference! For those of you that have known me for a while, you know that I’ve been creating conferences for nearly 15 years. I’ve jumped back into it primarily because... Continue Reading.

Calligraphic Vancouver, redux

We tried something new with this calligraphy day camp in Vancouver – we met on 2 Saturdays, 2 weeks apart so that everyone could have time to let all the forms percolate and settle a bit. Turns out, it was a good idea because not only did the camp sell... Continue Reading.

Awesome Asheville in the Autumn

For our first ever down south (and out east) camp, we were in a lovely B&B in the heart of Asheville, North Carolina right at peak leaf time. It was cozy and comforting and that’s not even when the the smell of strong coffee, freshly baked banana bread, and a... Continue Reading.