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Sign Painting, Mark Oatis style

  Mark Oatis made this film to demonstrate how he created the amazing Type Camp Vegas sign. (Have you signed up yet here? Well hurry up and do it!) When you come to this Type Camp, you’ll learn from Mark & Patrick how to create hand painted lettering masterpieces just like this…and as a result, you’ll be more fun at … continue reading

More neon!

Our Neon camp is certainly our most dramatic one! Although it is only 2 days, it is a crash course in neon: how it works, how to make it, and how it has affected 20th century culture. It symbolizes a new direction that I want to take the company, in teaming up with other artisans and historians to create new … continue reading

Daily Daria (in Japan)

Type Camp filmmaker and family member Daria Lanz made a series of films about her experiences at this camp, rather than just being behind the camera during all the fun. They are fabulous and all of us would bug her every day about the next installment, because that’s just how we roll. These are not promotional films about this camp, … continue reading