A Very Fabulous Web Type West

Not only did Type Camp’s first ever conference sell out, but it was a day that was far more successful and fun than I had even hoped. The space was great, the speakers were energetic (& hilarious, I’m talking to you, Brian Warren!) and the packed audience was engaged.


Our sponsors had great goodies – from the totally cool Typekit lounge to the Fairgoods table to the giveaways from FontShop. We certainly could not have achieved such success without their support.

web_type_west_680x300pxAll of the graphic design was done so very well by Calgary-based Type Camp alums Platform Design. We discussed the need to look technological, but not with the cliché pixels, and look what he came up with! We also absolutely agreed on introducing the tangible back in to the nametags and the goodybags and they did it perfectly with the hand stamping and printing. It was all just right.

Our speakers were, of course, excellent. And yes, I’m biased because many of them are my buddies, but hey, this is my blog so I’m gonna go down that road! Here is Zara, an Emily Carr Alum; Grant, holding up one of his beloved Newtons; and Stephen, describing typefaces with hilarious sounds!


And our volunteers! Oh, our wonderful volunteers. They were absolute treasures during the hectic first hour – so thank you to the Type Camp Staff (Lumi, Kristin, Lisa, Daria, Angela) and to the Emily Carr folks and the awesome GDC group. It couldn’t have been such a success without you!



So thanks to everyone and, to all those that have been asking, Yes!, I will be certain to do this again sometime soon.