Camp Styles

In order to best meet your educational needs, Type Camp offers three different types
of experiences:

residential retreat

Our most extensive offering.

Type Camp residential retreats take place in a countryside sanctuary setting. We provide the housing and all of your meals so that you don’t have to think about anything other than type.

We create a relaxing environment for learning that is specifically structured to reinvigorate your creativity. Our teaching staff are experienced professionals that are there to help you learn what you need to learn at the pace that you need to learn it.

There are seminars and workshops all day long with an occasional sojourn to nearby activities. Some camps will travel to have some inky fun at a nearby letterpress studio and others will sample the wine from a neighboring vineyard. Every camp is different.

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immersion learning

Our most exciting camp.

If you want to combine the excitement of worldwide travel with learning more about typography and design, then this is your camp.

This camp is full of energy and adventure. We have a home studio for our daily projects and make numerous excursions out and about to further our understanding of cultural context. In addition to our regular staff, we also bring in local experts to create a more specialised learning environment.

A dedicated experience of the area’s typography and design culture is created through workshops, seminars, and demonstrations with the Type Camp staff and visiting instructors.

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urban training

Our most popular format.

This is a rapid-fire camp with months of material packed into just a few days. We created this seminar and workshop structure so that those of you in cities or high-octane jobs can still attend a Type Camp, although shorter, without having to leave your area.

These events are focused on specific subjects such as complex typesetting, hand-generated lettering, or the burgeoning world of web type. In addition to our regular staff, we also bring in additional instructors that are experts in the topic at hand.

Eight hours of instructional time is provided each day with lunch and snacks included. Housing and additional meals are not included in this type of camp.

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