The Type Camp Experience

Type Camp provides a non-traditional learning environment that will change the way you think about typography and design. We focus on your passion and your process and we will help you to develop them both in creative and innovative ways.

What will I get out of Type Camp?


Type Camp is  fun.

We guarantee that you will work hard and learn loads, but we also promise that you will have fun. A lot of fun. Really. At a Type Camp, you’re surrounded by people with the same interest as you but with different backgrounds. Add typography to the mix and it’s a whirlwind week of learning and laughter.


Type Camp is  flexible.

It’s time for you to be able to learn what you love in an interesting new way so we structure our workshops to use various learning styles and teaching approaches. We promise that you will learn about typography in the most innovative educational environment possible.


Type Camp is  important.

Your career is important to you. Type Camp helps you understand more about typography in order to help you to become a better thinker, whether you are a typographer, designer, or just an amateur typophile. Advanced learning in typography is imperative to the modern creative industry and we make sure that you will learn more so that you can stay ahead.

Our goal is to help you think about typography and design in a new way. The direct interaction with the instructors every day will reinforce the new directions of your learning. We want you to feel secure when making things, and even when making mistakes, because that’s when we learn the most.

Type Camp is an opportunity to expand and experiment with typography and design while surrounded by supportive colleagues and instructors.

So this means we won’t actually be camping, right?

Type Camp is not a typical ‘camp’, in that we’re not staying in tents and building campfires. We use the word ‘camp’ to signify that time in your childhood when you were comfortable with learning or when you were free of the restrictions of classroom grades and peer pressure. Our camp is an environment where you can learn what you want and do so at your own pace. We won’t roast marshmallows over a campfire unless you really really want to.