Who Attends Type Camp?

Type Camp is for anyone and everyone that wants to learn more.

“Type Camp gave me the chance to luxuriate in creativity and education, to reassess my professional and creative life goals, and to redefine my personal design process.”

jessica yurasek
galiano 2009

Type Camp was specifically created to provide an educational opportunity that is flexible and fun and open to all levels of learning. If you need more typographic or design information, consider our approach to typography because it works. We promise.

Type Camp has had as attendees: recent high school graduates, agency designers, engineering majors, computer scientists, gaming programmers, exhibition designers, print designers, design educators, hobby typographers, advertising designers, university design students, type designers, project managers, community college students, illustrators, animators, and even a few folks that have no idea what they’re doing with their lives. None of this matters. What we care about is that you’re interested in learning more about typography through our innovative educational approach.

Once you sign up for a camp, we even ask you what you would like to learn during the event so that we can make sure that it will be covered in the curricula. We’re just that flexible.

Type Camp will tell you if you need a particular level of experience to attend one of our events. Usually, camps are for intermediate to advanced or professional designers; however, we occasionally have workshops just for beginners or for advanced professionals only. Check on the camps pages for this information.