AdobeMAX San Diego 2016

Our time at AdobeMAX was once again a blast!

Type Camp ran a full-day pre-conference workshop at the San Diego event to a sold-out group of 75 people.

The fab Jenny Famularcano shared her sketch book with us – I now want her to write up all my classes and camps like this!


Our topic for the day was blackletter, so for inspiration, we looked at examples from the past on how it had compressed and expended, and how it was ornamented. The morning was about finding comfort with making marks (and remembering that we have hands) and getting used to feeling confident with straights and angles. We then moved on to letterforms and experimented with width and height by using the grid paper as a guide.

Our next big step was to move on to a simple exercise to start thinking about physical forms and movement. We curled strips of paper around our pens and then spun them in the air. We filmed the twisting words and then combined them all to create this film.

Thanks to all of the participants. We really enjoyed the day with you and we hope that you will continue to make letters of all shapes and sizes!

(EEEK! I’m having some problems accessing my photos – so I will update this post with loads of camp pics once Apple helps me solve it!)