AdobeMAX : the fun & the film

We did it! The Type Camp teaching team for AdobeMAX 2015 created an amazing day with 80 attendees at the LA Convention Center. The morning started with James instructing everyone on the intricacies of the ‘casual sign painter’s capital’ letterforms. It didn’t take long to figure out a few glyphs and then after a while, everyone was able to start on letter sequences and words.

After lunch, Xandra led the class on lowercase italics with a different kind of pen, which created a different approach to the letterforms. Everyone experimented with outlining and drop shadows and, by the end of the day, had created several styles, including finding their own.

Will Seneshen, animator and production designer, concluded the day with a project where participants looked at words and how to illustrate them in a typographic manner – no illustrations allowed. These were arranged into a progression of three images that were then compiled into a film:

We are so grateful to Typekit for sponsored our workshop and just being general fabulous folks. Thanks ya’ll!

2015-10-04 09.49.16 2015-10-04 10.12.25 2015-10-04 10.00.18 2015-10-04 09.49.19




















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2015-10-04 16.31.26-2 2015-10-04 16.48.16