Awesome Asheville in the Autumn

For our first ever down south (and out east) camp, we were in a lovely B&B in the heart of Asheville, North Carolina right at peak leaf time. It was cozy and comforting and that’s not even when the the smell of strong coffee, freshly baked banana bread, and a warm wood fire wafted through our studio.

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2013-11-03 10.47.34DSC03224DSC03274

Laura helped with the structure and Carol helped with the gestural, meaning that everyone rocked at one of them. We experimented with automatic writing, explored flourishing, and then threw away the rest of our project plan so that there could be even more lettering instruction and practice.

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2013-11-02 10.12.13For the first time ever, we had all female registrants and all female instructors for a camp – but that’s not what was so amazing. What was amazing was how varied all 9 campers were, aged from their 20s through their 60s and everything in between, and how they shared their knowledge, encouragement, and experiences with each other to create a wholly positive and nurturing environment. What, you need proof? Well, our ‘camp phrase’ was ‘Damn Straight!’ (courtesy of our Aussie Anna), and it was the official response to when someone complimented you. And there were compliments and congratulations a-plenty – as well as a few frustrated folks that soon found their own style.

2013-11-03 11.23.132013-11-02 10.53.502013-11-02 09.13.46DSC03235

The lettering that resulted from the Brush & Brew was some of my favourite of the weekend. Carol wanted to make sure that we went to a local brewery so we hung out at Jack of the Wood for a pint or two and a bunch of drawing. Beer makes drawing letters easier. So do cheesy fries.

DSC03312 copyDSC03317 copy2013-11-03 10.49.55DSC03314

So thanks to Stori, Deanna, Jen, Anna, Aimee, Yvette, Lauren, & Alison: two¬†from Massachusetts, one from California, and one from Australia (yes!), and the rest from my lovely home state of North Carolina. We’ve already planned a reunion so see you all in Asheville next autumn!