Back to Calgary

Type Camp returned to Calgary where we once again held our class in top floor of their Fluevog store. We love this space – it’s so urban and funky and right there in the middle of all the cool places in town. Three of the attendees were from Edmonton, two from the Royal Alberta Museum, and one of them, Monica, is a former student of mine from Vancouver! (It is always wonderful seeing people that I helped get started move on and hear about their lives).

The women, no boys in this workshop(!), were all very focused and everyone made a drastic improvement by lunchtime – they were one of the quickest bunches in our tour. Several of them ‘found their script’ and were happily writing words by the early afternoon. The work was beautiful and the energy was as well. Perhaps it was the surroundings? I’ll give credit to the shoes!

2014-10-28 15.21.30

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