Bauhaus 2012


Design History
Live the true Bauhaus design experience.

type of camp

Cultural Immersion Learning

group size

8-12 people


USD $2390

specific dates

August 19-25, 2012


Bauhaus University, Weimar Campus, Germany
Design studio tour in central Berlin


Visit Walter Gropius’ original office
Enjoy days in the actual Bauhaus archives
Study beside Oskar Schlemmer’s wall murals
Participate in lectures and workshops in Henri van de Velde’s historically renovated ‘Winkelbau’
Explore the actual Bauhaus archives
Revel in a 2-day trip to Berlin


If you have an interest in the history of design, need to reinvigorate your design creativity, or are fascinated with the world’s most famous design school, then this camp is the one for you!

Type Camp Bauhaus will change how you think about design history because the Bauhaus is not a style, it’s a way of life.

At the Bauhaus campus in Weimar, a small German city with a large cultural history, we debunk the Bauhaus along with some of their teachings, learn more about the culture and politics of Germany in 1919, and experience a physical approach to design education with Bauhaus theatre.

We will experiment with the Bauhaus’ revolutionary photo/typo montage process, analyze their geometric letterforms, and witness the modern results.

History comes alive as you understand what the Bauhaus masters learned from Goethe, discover the origin of Johannes Itten’s colour theories, and, by holding original drawings by Moholy-Nagy, Schmidt, Bayer, & Itten, follow typography through the modern age from expressionism to functionalism.