Bharat : Mumbai


Creative Typographic Thinking

type of camp

Creative Residential Retreat

group size



INR 10,000

specific dates

January 2-3, 2016


Khar, Mumbai


expand your knowledge of typography in other contexts & cultures
practice lettering & calligraphy
experiment with different ideas on typography
refine your own type-thoughts
apply new techniques to letters and type
understand the type design process
explore new approaches to creative thinking
contribute your colleague’s designs
Enjoy two full days with new type friends



We have wanted to have a Camp in India just for Indian residents for over a decade now, and now, with the help of the generous folks at Adobe Typekit, it is finally happening!

This two-day camp on Indic and Latin typographic creativity is for Indian designers to expand your typographic creativity, increase your typographic knowledge, and put both to use as professional designers. Each day will be filled with a variety of workshops and discussions on various aspects of the industry and we’ll work on a Typervention in the evening. We’ll cover a variety of approaches to creative typography including professional typographic tips, hand lettering techniques, Latin and Indic type design, bilingual typesetting, typographic illustration, and more, all of which will help you to become a better designer and typographer.

We provide all the materials needed for this camp, all you need to do is show up!

We have three primary instructors for this camp: Type Camp Founding Director, Dr Shelley Gruendler; along with designer and illustrator Kriti Monga of Turmeric Design; and type designer Paul Hunt of Adobe Type.

We also have excellent professional typographers and designers as teaching assistants: Pavithra Dikshit, Type Camp India alum and recipient of the Adobe Type / Type Camp India award; Zenab Bastawala, Type Camp Australia and California alum and current University of Reading MATD student; Pooja Saxena, University of Reading MATD graduate; and Vibha Bamba, designer and typographer at Wikipedia. With these talented people helping you to learn typography, there is no limit to what you will be able to achieve!

Thanks to our sponsorship from Adobe Typekit, attendees will receive 1 free month of Adobe Creative Cloud!

This Type Camp was made possible with support from Adobe Typekit.