San Francisco : Casual Hand Lettering


Sign Painter Casual Lettering

type of camp

Professional Urban Training

group size



$349 / $429

specific dates

November 6, 2015


Adobe HQ
601 Townsend Street
San Francisco


Apply the basic strokes that make up all letters
Practice casual alphabets in capitals and script
Examine real-life sign applications
Experiment with using a pen in new ways
Explore letterform parameters
Connect with friends with similar interests


This Type Camp at the Adobe San Francisco HQ will help you explore the ‘casual style’ so often used by professional sign painters. You’ll learn a brief history of casual styles in sign painting and writing as well as why traditional styles look the way they do, and what impact that has on the ‘casual’ styles.

We’ll examine how letters can be deconstructed into a series of simple strokes. With this style, (OK, all styles, but this one in particular), the balance of negative (white) space is as important as the positive (black) space so we’ll help you learn a variety of techniques to judge whether the spacing is working or not.

You will also understand when and how to adjust pen angle, speed, and direction for the best possible outcome.
Never done this before? No problem.
All experience levels are welcome at this camp.
Camp begins at 10am and continues to 5pm, with a one hour lunch break at 1pm.
This Type Camp was made possible with support from Adobe Typekit.