San Francisco : Expressive Hand Lettering


Folded Pen Lettering

type of camp

Professional Urban Training

group size



$349 / $429

specific dates

October 9, 2015


Adobe HQ
601 Townsend St
San Francisco


experiment with a variety of scripts
refine and stylize your hand lettering
apply folded dip pen techniques
understand the hand lettering process
contribute your colleague’s designs
enjoy a day stretching what is possible


This Type Camp at the Adobe San Francisco HQ will help you learn about and create your own folded pen style with a variety of lettering approaches, techniques, and detailed refinements.


Join us and get some ink on your hands and make some new forms! Our folded pen class encompasses a wide range of techniques from formal to abstract lettering. You’ll learn how to do script lettering with a modern twist and expressive lettering by creating new letterforms and styles.

This course is designed to liberate your creative mind in all areas as the pen responds to angle, pressure, speed, and attitude through texture, layering, and varied compositions. The goal is to get to the essence of your message in ways other than through specific forms, rules, or details. This, in turn, can inform more formal ways of using typography and lettering.

The true value of this class is that you will walk away with a set of new skills with which to design everything from film titles to signage and brand identity. Working with lettering tools helps designers unleash areas of creativity that sitting behind a screen simply cannot do.

We provide everything you need: you will get your own folded pen and ink, hand-outs and sample sheets, and all the necessary supplies. Type Camp promises that by the end of the day, you’ll understand the fundamentals of lettering with a new tool as well as a variety of fun work samples to share and keep refining.
Never done this before? No problem.
All experience levels are welcome at this camp.
Camp begins at 10am and continues to 5pm, with a one hour lunch break at 1pm.
This Type Camp was made possible with support from Adobe Typekit.