Typographic Culture

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Cultural Immersion Learning

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December 2017


Chennai and Delhi


Registration will open later this year. Sign up to the newsletter for more information.


Expand your knowledge of typography in other contexts & cultures
Visit local type & ephemera archives and libraries
Work with local ‘street’ typographers
See type in nearby ancient and modern temples
Hold type walks in local markets
Learn Tamil lettering & calligraphy
Practice Devanagari lettering & calligraphy
Eat delicious South and North Indian food
Drink coconut water . . . from a real coconut
Experience India with other designers!



More details are coming! This camp will run late December 2017.

This camp will provide you with an opportunity to understand the cultural contexts of typography while experiencing one of the most ancient and fascinating cultures in the world.

Type Camp India is an educational event that will strengthen your understanding of the function and use of typography within specific cultural contexts. We dedicate 6 full days in both Chennai and Delhi, two diverse and distinct cities, to discussions, projects, visits, talks, and workshops, all centered around typography. We look at different contexts of typography and typographic use, including historical, social, commercial, industrial and cultural. The camp will run in Chennai for 3 days, then have a day off to travel, and then conclude with 3 days in Delhi.

Every morning is a taught studio session focused on vernacular and bilingual typography and design and every afternoon is a workshop or visit where you will learn more about how context, culture, language and typography work together.