San Francisco


Expressive Typography

type of camp

Professional Urban Training

group size




specific dates

January 22 - April 9, 2018


HoneyBook HQ
539 Bryant Street
San Francisco


articulate general typographic theory
create and refine non-Latin letterform designs
explore typographic scale alternatives
examine and analyze typographic context
understand basic typographic history
discuss typographic attributes and concepts
demonstrate typographic progression and sequencing
expand typographic analytical abilities


This class will meet once a week for 10 weeks.

The class projects will examine materials and scale in 2D (posters), 3D (artifacts & spaces), and 4D (kinetic) applications. This class will also cover highlights of the history of typography, global type design, typographic scale, typographic hierarchy, experiential typography, linguistic concerns, readability and legibility, and contemporary typographic issues.

Contact us directly for more information or to register:
registration [at] typecamp [dot] org