San Francisco : Typographic Details



type of camp

Professional Urban Training

group size



$295 / $395

specific dates

June 3, 2016


601 Townsend St
San Francisco

This camp is now over, though head on over to our blog and read all about it.


learn typesetting tips in InDesign
explore screen and print text issues
understand the thoughts behind the reasons 
design for practical or personal use
expand your letterform knowledge


This is an unmissable camp for all of you that work with significant amounts of text on a daily basis for we will answer all of those questions that seem to pop up every day. Do you choose the display typeface or the headline typeface? How can you get your columns to line up or avoid widows and orphans? You want your text to look clean, but not boring; and you want it to look interesting, but still readable. Tiffany and Shelley, two of the most opinionated typographers around (and proud of it!) will help you sort out your en-dashes from your hyphens and your kerning from your tracking.