Typography Basics


Basic Typography

type of camp

Professional Urban Training

group size



$225 / $325

specific dates

March 12, 2019


Tenderloin Museum
398 Eddy Street
San Francisco


explore letterform fundamentals
understand basic typographic rules
select and describe a typeface
consider typographic parameters
understand positive & negative letter space

create a strong typographic layout
apply readability rules
evaluate typeface quality & elements of a font
‘good’ and ‘bad’ type
establish a typographic strategy
elevate your work with better type
design better with letterforms
know the difference between a typeface and font
decide the right type for the job


We know the typographic world can be a bit much.
This seminar will help you navigate it.

Want to understand the difference between a font and a typeface?

Shelley, who specializes in teaching typography to beginners, will guide you through the basics. She will introduce you to all the letterform lingo, guide you through the process of purchasing a typeface, and help you compose and refine your layouts and applications,.

The seminar will help you to ‘see’ letterforms and typography and then to examine fundamental typographic layout rules. We will also cover basic typographic analysis, particularly pertaining to typographic function and readability.

By the end of this workshop, you will be able to select the perfect typeface for your task at hand, with complete confidence. You will understand how we see letters and read lines of text and then apply this knowledge to improve your professional layouts and personal projects. We also provide take home ‘Type Tips’ resources for you to take home to use at your own pace.

This seminar will take place from 6.00 to 8.30pm at the awesome Tenderloin Museum!