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Web typography

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Educational symposium

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Sold out!

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February 1, 2014


Emily Carr University of Art & Design Auditorium
Granville Island, Vancouver

This camp is now over, though head on over to our blog and read all about it.


discover a new approach to selecting web fonts

understand the structure of digital typographic layouts

apply modern uses of traditional typography

recognize the different attributes of web typography

comprehend the science of seeing pixelized letterforms

utilize typography in your design and development

differentiate between what to keep and what to omit

improve the online reading experience for your devices


THIS EVENT IS SOLD OUT!  (Register early next time . . . )

This event is directed towards designers and developers working in the web industry and will cover many different aspects of web typography: how to use it, how to choose it, and how it works.


Stephen Coles : how to select the right web font for your project

André Mora : the influence and the importance of line heights

Zara Evens : graphic design and typography for the UI designer

Kevin Larson : legibility research for online reading with Sitka

Marty Hall : creating a premium reading experience in IE 11

Brian Warren : typography for the design/development process

Luke Dorny : web fonts in use

Grant Hutchinson : typographic tips for accessible web content

Xerxes Irani : translating type from machine back to object

John Hudson : size-specific fonts for online advertising


We sincerely thank our colleagues for their support and sponsorship:


Hoefler & Frere-Jones 




Butter Label

Alcuin Society

Platform Design

GDC BC Mainland