Past Camps

More neon!

Our Neon camp is certainly our most dramatic one! Although it is only 2 days, it is a crash course in neon: how it works, how to make it, and how it has affected 20th century culture. It symbolizes a new direction that I want to take the company, in... Continue Reading.

Daily Daria (in Japan)

Type Camp filmmaker and family member Daria Lanz made a series of films about her experiences at this camp, rather than just being behind the camera during all the fun. They are fabulous and all of us would bug her every day about the next installment, because that’s... Continue Reading.


The people of Ibaraki prefecture were perpetually curious about why we selected it as the location for our camp. Other prefectures are better known for tourism or arts or nature, but we were perfectly happy in the little town of Makabe and around Mount Tsukuba. It was filled with craftspeople that... Continue Reading.

San Francisco : Mastering Type

We had a great masterclass in June at Adobe Typekit. I have always wanted to do one of these as my College & University students get the persnickity advice but the attendees of the 1-day camps don’t as much. We went over a variety of type tips, did a... Continue Reading.

Back in Black(letter)

Our April LA camp at the HMCT found us working on blackletter all morning long (yeay! Shelley finally was able to participate in a class!) and then Neuland, and other san serif monoline caps in the afternoon. These classes are often more about interesting techniques than just the letterforms and... Continue Reading.

Brush Lettering in LA

Our first workshops at the Hoffmitz Milken Center for Typography were not only sold out, but loads of fun as well. We offered classes on Saturday and Sunday to students at Art Center and had attendees from the graphic design, illustration, and photography departments. Everyone learned the brush lettering basics and... Continue Reading.