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Calligraphic Vancouver, redux

We tried something new with this calligraphy day camp in Vancouver – we met on 2 Saturdays, 2 weeks apart so that everyone could have time to let all the forms percolate and settle a bit. Turns out, it was a good idea because not only did the camp sell... Continue Reading.

Awesome Asheville in the Autumn

For our first ever down south (and out east) camp, we were in a lovely B&B in the heart of Asheville, North Carolina right at peak leaf time. It was cozy and comforting and that’s not even when the the smell of strong coffee, freshly baked banana bread, and a... Continue Reading.

ありがとう高松 (Arigato Takamatsu!)

Our time in Takamatsu was fantastic! We had great campers in a great city with great food, what more could one ask for? A day of exploring Noguchi’s studio and sculpture garden, a modern stone carving studio, a reviving meal at the world’s most beautiful udon noodle house (really? you’re supposed... Continue Reading.

Welcome to the team!

Type Camp is all about different perspectives and we aim for our teaching team to reflect it. We select international experts, that also happen to be experienced instructors, for all of our camps around the world. We guarantee that you’ll be around someone who knows their stuff, but also someone... Continue Reading.

Thank you, 2012!

Thank you to all of the wonderful Type Camp participants from 2012!

We laughed in Melbourne, we relaxed in California, we explored in Germany, and we created in Brazil. You campers constantly amazed me, at every camp, in every way. It was an excellent year, so thanks to... Continue Reading.

all-together now

Type Camp is never a ‘just me’ thing. I do make an effort to reinforce the team aspect of it, and campers do leave understanding it, but there is no better example of how an entire village made something happen than our new website.

For years, I’ve looked at the... Continue Reading.