Where’s Shelley?

Those clever graduate students!

My time with the Simon Fraser University Masters of Publishing students last week went very well. The talk was on magazine design of the 20th century. Note that these students weren’t designers – they would be going into all aspects of the publishing industry, including books, digital media, etc.

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My name in 8 point type.

A lifetime dream was just achieved. It might not be all that exciting, but let me tell you, it most certainly is to me.

I remember when I first saw a copy of EYE magazine. It was some time in the autumn of 1991. I was nineteen years old and... Continue Reading.

Share. Even if you’re scared.

Well, I did it. I gave a talk to over 1000 people at Pecha Kucha Vancouver this weekend. Never did figure out a good name for the talk, ended up with ‘Typography is Cool’, I think it might have worked after all.

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Pecha Kucha : November 2012

I’ll be speaking at the Vancouver Pecha Kucha on 23 November at the Vogue Theatre. I’m super lousy at coming up with titles though. I started off with ‘Typography is Cool‘. Needless to say, that just plain sucks. I now think it will be titled something like: ‘The designers, makers, and... Continue Reading.

HOW Conference : Boston 2012

In June 2012, I was invited to give a typography workshop at the HOW Conference in Boston. This was my second time at HOW and I was thrilled to be asked back after an awesome time at their Denver 2010 event. Type Camp was in the exhibitors hall, just across from... Continue Reading.