Facebook Folded Pen

We had sooo much fun at our 2 workshops at Facebook HQ in Menlo Park (Palo Alto / Silicon Valley). Well, yes, part of it was just being at Facebook and all the coolness there (I felt so old. When did I get old?). We were in the ‘Analog Research Lab’, quite possibly the most interesting idea I’ve ever seen in the corporate world (sorry, Fluevog!). The room was filled with silk screened and offset printed items, with experiments and trials and errors. It was a place where we completely fit in.

We should have known our two afternoon camps would have been popular since all 20 spots sold out within 45 minutes of being announced! These events were started thanks to Tim, a Type Camp California 2012 alumni, and Scott, a ‘Butterman‘ and friend of Type Camp. However, it was Hannah that actually made these happen, and who invented a double ‘n’ ligature with her name! (Holla!)

All kinds of Facebook folks attended, from sales people to copy writers, from engineers to designers. Everyone had their own set of challenges and found success somewhere along the line. We laughed at our successes and mistakes and remarked in awe when someone aced a letter or shape. The goal was to help people use type differently by looking at it differently, and there’s no better way to do that than to try to do it yourself. It’s amazing how we forget about it even though we use it on screen all day long. We hope to be back with even more classes in the spring.

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