Follow Up: Type Camp, The Neon Signs

This past spring we partnered with Peterson Neon in Oakland California for the first ever Neon Type Camp. You can read all about it in the blog post. We are super chuffed to be following up & sharing the gorgeous finished products… so much fun to see the hard work (i.e. fun times) of the campers transformed into glowing results. Check out these type-a-rific neon signs! You know you want to make your own so we’re offering another Neon Type workshop this September in Oakland, California. We look forward to seeing you & helping you shine your own little light.


Pretty in pink, Meghan’s sign really sets the mood. Wouldn’t you love to be strolling by and spot this beauty up in the window?!

“I’ve been fascinated by neon signs my entire life, but never did I think I’d get the chance to go ‘behind the scenes’ and learn from a master like Shawna. She taught us about designing for the material and that it’s okay to make mistakes…sometimes they turn out cooler.” Meghan Arnold


Though difficult to capture in a photo, Kristin’s sign is made up of three different neon colors… YES, three different colors: blue, green, and turquoise, all made with Argon gas instead of the reddish neon. We are pretty sure that counts for triple the awesome. And a tribute to how creative you can get with your very own sign.

“Type Camp Neon was a great experience. It was so interesting to see how glass tubing is bent and the skill that’s involved — it’s not something you could ever learn via youtube or replicate without seeing it in person. Shawna was super patient and Shelley was very helpful when finessing the final light design. I will treasure my light forever!” Kristin Liu


File Jul 18, 2 26 52 PM

Looking lovely at the Typekit office in San Francisco is Sally’s beautifully branded green Tk sign.

“I was seriously thrilled to learn how to make neon signage in this Type Camp — not an area I’d ever expected to get into! Working with the heated glass is really neat, and Shawna is a great instructor. She was super patient with all my beginner-level questions, and her awesome studio is the perfect place to learn. I’ve been doing double-takes anytime I walk by neon signage now; it’s a completely different way to think about forming shapes and letters.” Sally Kerrigan

File Jul 19, 11 50 02 AM
An inspiration in gorgeous green script, Lisa’s sign is a motivational masterpiece.

“When I signed up for the neon camp I didn’t have a specific interest in neon per se, and had honestly never really considered the process before. But learning about it was really fun and a chance to get outside of my usual creative process — I always know TypeCamps will be awesome so I arrived with very little expectations and just let the flow of the day take me where I needed to go. It was so cool that this DO came out of this as it’s something I’d been thinking about in the background of my day to day but hadn’t intended to make something of meaning. I love how learning outside of the box allows ideas to flow. I now have a newfound respect for the medium and a reminder that there’s no ‘undo’ in hands-on (which makes it oh so much more challenging!). It’s in my office shining bright and reminding me daily to DO and to not overthink things!” Lisa Hemingway

Photo Jul 20, 3 58 03 PM
Marie’s M is a sheer script delight!