Type Camp instructors are  amazing.

You will learn more than you ever thought possible from these world-famous thinkers and doers. They are experienced educators with decades of professional involvement. You will learn in a workshop or seminar or while eating dinner or drinking a beer.


Type Camp instructors are  here to share.

During the camp, you will get feedback from multiple experts, all in one place. They will have differing viewpoints on nearly everything, and that’s what makes them so special. The instructors might not always agree with each other, but they always agree on their priority of sharing their knowledge with you.


Type Camp instructors  care.

Your relationship with the Type Camp instructors isn’t just for the duration of the camp, it’s for life. We’ll be there for you in the future if you have questions about your typographic work or if you need advice on the next step to take in your career. With us, you’re family.