James Edmondson

James is an type designer based in San Francisco. In 2013, he graduated from California College of the Arts, and, in 2014, the Royal Academy of Art TypeMedia program in the Netherlands. He is totally fun at parties.

The greatest thing about the type community is the people that you get to meet. I've had such good fortune in this area, and I feel completely indebted to this kind and wonderful group of people. Type Camp is a beautiful distillation of everything that great about new comers and experts meeting with a common goal. Learning this stuff is always fun, but to do it with others that are passionate, talented, and eager to help its a true joy.


Santa Maria Style BBQ. Where I'm from on the Central Coast of California, we BBQ over red oak and it's hella good.


Sketchbooks are the best books anyone can have.


Smokey scotch. I like it best when it tastes like you're licking the inside of a Santa Maria Style oak BBQ pit.


Documentaries are usually the best, but my favorite move of all time is The Lego Movie. When I was living in The Netherlands, there was a theater between my place and school, and on occasion I'd catch a flick on my way home. I avoided The Lego Movie when it came out because I thought it would be super lame, despite my long time affinity for Legos. When I finally did see it, I was completely blown away and I think it should have won several academy awards, and maybe even a couple Emmys, why not?


In general, I feel awkward on vacation, and I'm happiest when I'm making or teaching. I'm learning that any opportunities to combine travel with type get me tremendously stoked.


I lean more on the minimalist side. Having stuff around me just makes me anxious!


Anti-anxiety medication.


Cactus because I need something to sleep next to when my sombrero is covering my face.


When the turn signal is perfectly synced up with the radio. It's like God is telling you to make that turn.


Tastefully provocative dance moves.

when not at type camp

Designing type, busting my friends' balls, and counting down the days until the next Type Camp.