Jay Rutherford


Jay Rutherford studied design in Kingston, Ontario and Halifax, Nova Scotia (with 13 years in between), but learned more on the job doing film stripping, computerized typesetting mark-up (long before DTP), page layout and graphic design. He has taught design-related subjects from silk-screen printing to set design to detail typography with many stops in between. In 1992, after running his own design studio in Canada for some years, Jay ran away to Germany to join the MetaDesign circus. Here he helped expand the Meta type family and drew an italic for Frutiger Condensed, which FontShop now sells as FF Transit. The Meta experience convinced Jay to stay in Germany, where he was professor of Visual Communications at the Bauhaus University Weimar for ten years. Jay Rutherford taught Visual Communications at the Free University of Bozen/Bolzano, Italy for two years and has now returned to the Bauhaus University in Weimar.

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Some eat to live, some live to eat. I guess I'm in between there somewhere.


Where do I find the time for not reading all of these books?


"Man cannot live by bread alone; sometimes he needs a drink." (Woody Allen)


Is there a cure for film addiction?
"Why do they call TV a medium? Because it's neither rare nor well done." (Fred Allen)


"What is pleasant about travel is that even the ordinary, through novelty and surprise, takes on the appearance of adventure." (Goethe)


See above: "book"


Rube Goldberg, we need you now.


The police removed "6 large garbage bags of 'green plant material' from the attic. The contents were chemically analyzed and found to contain cannabis resin." (from a certificate of analysis dated 17 November 1973).
(probably better not to put this up on the web site)


My family comes from Owen Sound -- does that count?


Can we add Twitter to this? Too many of my friends/acquaintances/former (or current) students go through life looking down at their mobile phones. I prefer to experience my life rather than tweet about it. Hold your head up, look at the people around you, maybe even talk to them. It will enrich you and them.




Type: Identifying typefaces at 50 paces (especially different versions of Garamond), silk-screen using hand-cut paper stencils, sign painting with a brush and mahlstick, etc.
Personal: Indian cooking, rock guitar ('61 Stratocaster, left-hand), creating unsortable piles of paper on my various desks.

when not at type camp

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