Luke Dorny

Web Type West

Luke Dorny is a designer living in Seattle, Washington. Currently working at Newsvine and NBCNews Digital he is a self-taught web worker from the pre-“Zen Garden” era when text-only sites were de rigueur and Flash was …magical. In the past Luke has worked with Postbox Inc., Princeton University, Airbag Industries,  Unreal Software, The MacArthur Foundation, Michigan History Foundation, ESRB (Electronic Software Ratings Board). Throughout his career Luke has received design awards in logo, print, magazine layout, and retail packaging. Luke is involved in the type community and recently spoke about web fonts at TypeCon with his colleagues at Butter Label (with whom he crafts useful objects).

"A man is but the product of his thoughts; what he thinks, he becomes." — Gandhi.
Grab your pen and ink, your websites, your pantagraphs, your windmill presses, and design!


Thai, of course.


Historical design reference books of any kind.


Espresso or Single barrel Scotch.


This list always changes, but for now, THX-1138, Blade Runner, Akira, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and Gattaca.


Used to travel all over the world but I’ve recently settled down for a spell. I need to fire up the family truckster.


I have an ever-growing collection of projects and interests that I need to do, including but never limited to wrangling web fonts, long boarding (surf, skate and snow), and tinkering with electronics.


Personal jetpacks still aren’t a thing, and I’m mildly upset about that.


Mahogany, birch, or cedar. Yes, red cedar.


Flat-four, dual-port, dual-carbureted, air-cooled engine sputterings. …and vinyl jazz.


I love reading technical blogs, especially those that encourage discussion, up to and including full-on forums, although formal writing isn’t something I excel at.


I take care of animated GIFs.


I love learning from experts, although I don’t consider myself to be an expert.

when not at type camp

I love working on the old bus, spending quality time at playgrounds, soccer practice, and swim lessons with the kids, and gardening with the wife.