Padraic Lynch

Creative Design

Padraic Lynch is a Lecturer in Visual Communication at the School Of Creative Arts & Technologies, University of Ulster, Magee Campus and is currently the course director for the Masters in Design For Creative Practice. He has worked in the design industry for 17 years beginning with design studios in Dublin and Belfast. In 2003, he then formed design communication company, Elevator8 and began lecturing in typography, graphic design, moving image and design entrepreneurship in the University in 2009. His current academic enterprise and research interests include typographic design and multidisciplinary design collaboration. Padraic attended Type Camp at the Bauhaus in Weimar in 2012 and attributes much of his recent professional practice and teaching/workshop development to his experience while at Type Camp.

"The experience in the bauhaus during Type Camp brought home the importance of design collaboration. The opportunity to work side by side with creatives from the international design industry inspired new directions for me as a designer and an educator, the cultural immersion aspect was a welcome and unexpected bonus!"


Spicy hot pizza, not hard to please on the food front.


“Watching Words Move” 1959 by Ivan Chermayeff & Tom Geismar. Also makes for a great introductory project for year 1 typography students.


Its got to be a pint of Guinness, in front of an open fire, in an old man’s pub.


I watch too many poor films to find the hidden gems. Love switching off with a good movie. If all else fails, its gotta be Hitchcock.


City stops or by the pool with the kids.


I keep silly things like cinema tickets, travel stubs, badges and keyrings. All with some sort of story behind them.


Got to prototype stage with a hygienic bottle top for bottled beers. Inspired by my time as a barman in Belfast.


Dock leaf ... always there when you need it. A must have growing up in Ireland. I was shocked to hear that Derek from Type Camp Bauhaus had never heard of a nettle?


As important as visual.


Listen. Create. Deliver.


My 19yr old dog growing up. Tiny Lynch.


I’d love to say type formatting and graphic design, but I’m better at pool!

when not at type camp

Being Dad.