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Stephen’s obsession with type and lettering wreaks havoc in his daily life where he is routinely tripped by fire hydrants while admiring vintage signs. Fortunately, his freakishness found a home at FontShop where he served as Type Director from 2004-2010. A specialist in typeface selection, Stephen is now a writer and typographic consultant, doing work for a variety of foundries and design studios. He publishes the blogs Typographica and The Mid-Century Modernist.

"At Type Camp, students and teachers live, eat, work, and learn together. This is a big deal. There is no better way to grow creatively than to do it with others in a shared experience of community and trust. At its best, school can be this way, but Type Camp has a unique intensity. There is nothing else like it."


Bread. Thai mango and sticky rice. Dairy in nearly any physical state, liquid (cream) or solid (cheese). If there was a dairy gas, I'd breathe that.


On my desk now is Sofie Beier's "Reading Letters: designing for legibility". It's an excellent overview of the variety of decisions a typeface designer can make, and how those decisions affect performance. The book isn't just for font makers -- it's really interesting and useful for type users too.


Coffee: 90% espresso, 5% cream, 5% sugar.


The Daily Show, daily. The Judge John Hodgman Podcast, weekly.


My optimal year: spring in Berlin, summer in Stockholm, autumn in the Rocky Mountains, and winter in San Francisco. Mission nearly accomplished this year!


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Flo the cat.


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