Wayne Thompson

Wayne Thompson found his calling in a battered 1977 Letraset catalog which he rescued from the rubbish. He treated type as an interesting sideline while working in ad agencies as an Art Director, before publishing his first digital typeface in 1996. In 2001, he started Australian Type Foundry as a commercial outlet for his fonts, retailing dozens of original typefaces through online outlets around the world. He now creates custom typefaces for a range of corporate clients, and continues to design and market his own typefaces. Wayne holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications, teaches typography at TAFE colleges, and has lectured and run workshops throughout Australia. Wayne likes to hold his client meetings at an unpretentious beachside cafe near his office in Newcastle, Australia. Wayne has a LOT of meetings.

Type Camp was by far the most fun I've ever had. Because it's not just the students who learn, teachers learn stuff too. I have yet to met a student from whom I didn't learn something in return. In a classroom, teachers say stuff and students write it down. At Type Camp, teachers and students do stuff together, laughing, learning and crying the whole time. I know where I'd rather be.


Hot chips. That's 'fries' to Americans, but here in Australia we do them properly. The perfect food.


Currently enjoying Luca Barcellona's new book.


Coffee. Beer (Grainfed Sneaky One). Lemon Lime & Bitters made from fresh limes. Margaritas.


Sopranos, The Wire, Mad Men, anything by the Coens, The Onion.


From my desk to the kitchen is about as far as I get.


Guitars, wooden boxes with interesting typography.


I always wanted a Segway.


Big fan of ferns.


Currently enjoying the sounds of Aussie duo Busby Marou.




Bristish shorthair cat named Ernest. Have already decided my next cat's name will be Jon-Ralfio, after the character in Parks & Recreation.


musician, composer

when not at type camp

Playing guitar, playing football (the round-ball variety), being frustrated by Arsenal's inability to finish higher than 4th.