Xerxes Irani

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A social creature indigenous to the Rocky Mountain foothills, Xerxes Irani can often be found in large groups, feasting on a steady diet of meaty ideas, rich concepts, and fulfilling collaborations. A third-generation creative professional, his career arc has included time spent as an ad agency art director, an instructor at the Alberta College of Art & Design (ACAD), and the founding partner of a successful design studio. While serving as Global Creative Director for Bill Gates’ media licensing companies, Veer and Corbis, Xerxes lead a network of creative teams in Calgary, Seattle, and London, producing world-class marketing and advertising assets for the corporation’s four global brands. He is currently the Creative Director and founding partner of Fairgoods; an online store that is run out of the creative agency, Uppercut. Still, this husband of one, father of two, finds time to pursue personal art projects on the side. To date, he has had five stamps printed and one coin minted by Canada Post, along with other projects for Warner Music and the Calgary Stampede. The project he is most proud to have created is the identity and style guide for the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. estate.


Persian food. My tongue is genetically predisposed to love this food.


I don't read fiction, I never have, but I read the internet book all day.


Gin and 7 and a lime.


David Fincher could film a fart in a jar and I would stand in line to watch it.


Europe and Japan are places I have yet to go, I must do this, who will take me?


I design stamps partly because I collect stamps.


The Barbecue and the iPhone, think about it.


Robert, no question. The rest have died.


My daughter playing her guitar is the best sound ever.


I love Instagram, that is a nice blog.


Luna is my favourite dog.


I have the magic touch with old people needing help with their computer.

when not at type camp

In my kayak or with my family, or in my kayak with my family.