Judging with judges for Core77

If we were supposed to be serious judges, then they picked the wrong folks! Well, we did take our judging job seriously, but we also had a fantastic time together and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

It was the annual awards for Core77, an online magazine that is kind of a clearing house for all things design, including jobs, articles, resources, etc.

We had the judging in May at Marian’s house on Bowen Island and Mark Mushet shot these lovely pics when we took our lunch break. We look peaceful here, but shortly afterwards, we were arguing and discussing (kindly, of course), and generally calling each other names when we disagreed with each other! I’m kidding! (No, I’m not!)













You can watch our awards announcement here.

2014-06-18 14.12.50IMG_0538











[And you can purchase cashmere ponchos such as the one Marian is wearing in the awards announcement video (ain’t it grand?) here!]


All photos, except for the silly one of us on the computer, are by the awesome Mark Mushet of Vancouver Review Media.