Loving it in LA

Our first Type Camp in LA was one of our most fun ever. We were in the new Book Arts LA space located in Culver City, and will certainly be back there next year. It was a small camp, so we were able to spend a lot of time discussing ideas and methodologies. Xandra discussed her ‘Time is money’ efficiency ideas and Shelley helped the campers conquer their roadblocks and improve their thought processes.












Instead of heading out for a healthy lunch, as we totally should have done, the campers had the brilliant idea to get all of us In-n-Out burgers and fries. Shelley and Xandra totally loved their neapolitan shakes, which was totally necessary for the afternoon lessons (yeah, right).

inandout2 inandout1












Copperplate script with the pointed pen ain’t easy – it looks beautiful and continuous but is far more intricate and fragmented to create. There is a steep learning curve and it can often be frustrating at the beginning. However, we plan for this and structure the class accordingly so that the learners will ‘get it’ in their own time, in their own way (that’s the famous Type Camp approach) – and besides, everyone does get there by the end. So mid-way through the afternoon, everyone ‘got it’, as we knew they would and smiled accordingly!


gina gabby chanelle

























This was one of the most fun camps we’ve had in a while, perhaps it was because it was all women and in such an interesting location? Or because it was just the right people at the right time? Well, thanks to Noelle, Kelsey, Gina, Chanelle, and Gabby, we’ve already made plans for new camps in LA to have even more fun!