me + EYE = wow


My 20 year old dream (that’s 20 years old and I made it when I was 20) came true yet again, twice in two weeks.

Today, I was published on the EYE Magazine blog.
Click here for the article.

I didn’t even realise it was up until I saw the tweets that EYE sent out:

It’s so easy in this field, or any other research-y/design-y one, I suppose, to never feel smart enough and to always compare yourself to the superstars. (Having Marian Bantjes as a friend doesn’t help so much, either!) I try not to compare myself to others and know that I would never want to be, nor could I be, a design rockstar. Besides, nobody gets excited about a typography teacher — fame and fortune are obviously not my aims in life.

I celebrate little things these days. Not having to work for an idiot boss is one, another is that I get to work from home most of the time, and when I’m not, I’m travelling, which I love, for teaching, which I also love. I write articles and give lectures on topics that are interesting (to me!). I also live with an amazing chef, who just happens to be a type designer. I work in an exciting field with brilliant and kind people. It’s easy to appreciate these simple and yet amazing things.

Anyway, my point is that I made a little contribution, in a very public way, to the world of design and typography. It might not have been major in other people’s views, but it was in a magazine that I respect, for an editor that I respect, and that makes me feel fantastic. I think it’s the little things that add up in ones’ life anyway.