My name in 8 point type.

A lifetime dream was just achieved. It might not be all that exciting, but let me tell you, it most certainly is to me.

I remember when I first saw a copy of EYE magazine. It was some time in the autumn of 1991. I was nineteen years old and in my second year of design school in North Carolina. My (only) wonderful typography instructor Austen Lowrey showed it to us and remarked on its importance in the field and its exceptional quality.

We were stunned – here was a magazine that was all about what we were studying! I think that we were just so used to being a minority, whether as in the Design school of a 50,000+ University, or even being graphic designers in that same Design school that was dominated by architects. At any rate, here was a magazine that was informative and beautifully produced.

I wanted to own it, but at that time, twenty years ago, a $100 subscription seemed ludicrous. But I did say to myself that I wanted to be in that magazine. I didn’t expect to have an article written about me (ha!), but I did want to have something to say, and then to have it appear in EYE.

So no, I’ve not yet written for them (that’s coming soon!), but my name did appear in the EYE 84 Monotype Issue and it means the world to me. I’m mentioned in the credits at the end and in the caption of Sara DeBont’s entry on the recording of Beatrice Warde in my beloved St Bride Library. It wasn’t a long commentary, it didn’t require days of research or hours of writing (it took around 30 seconds), but it was about something that I knew about that others might want to know about, too.

Eleven years of post-secondary education got me to this point of having my name in the credits of EYE. And I’m very, very proud.