Our swirly-whirly weekend

On Saturday and Sunday, we welcomed new Type Camp instructor (with the world’s best initials), Xandra Y. Zamora, to the roster of fun workshops at Fluevog! The goal was to understand more about the dip pen and begin to experiment with the pointed pen.

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The morning was dedicated to figuring out pressure, in how to thin & thicken strokes with just a pencil (not easy at all!). After the lunch break, we started on the oblique nib (or as we called it, the ‘jazzy’ one) and dipped into the ink. The practice session paid off as we slowly got the hang of the ovals and loops of the script.

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Some of those that had attended previous workshops in Vancouver, Calgary, & Toronto, with Laura, Martin, or Carol, found this technique to be a bit more forgiving (I’m talking to you, Kristi!). Some even discovered that it was their ‘thing’ and I’m certain that I’ll be seeing more of their lettering in this (oh so versatile) style in the future.


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We all enjoyed it so much that I’m bringing Xandra back for an intermediate workshop as well as holding another beginner one this autumn. Stay tuned!


2014-06-28 17.30.29 2014-06-29 17.06.47



2014-06-29 15.51.47