A return to the Toronto Design Exchange

It’s so great having camps at the DX, right in the heart of Toronto. This time, we had a full class in the board room for Pointed Pen with Xandra. There was a great range of folks from aspiring calligraphers to studio designers to 2 women (!) with their own presses (so cool!). We also had a triple Type Camp alum (2008, 2014), Elyse, and our awesome buddy Chris, from the fantastic Ligatures. (Their type group make me want to move to Toronto – but then I realize that I’m scared of their weather, and then I get over it.)

Pointed Pen can be tricky and Xandra always reminds people that there are a lot of variables, from the holder to the nip, from the paper to the ink, basically there are a lot of things to blame before it’s actually you! It takes a bit of practice in figuring out the pressure/release technique, but once you’ve got it, then the forms and the angle are all that is left.

It was a fun day and I’m always so impressed with all the type stuff happening in Toronto. Thanks for having us, DX, we’ll be back!

2014-10-23 16.17.56

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