Still Giddy from Galiano

There have been many wonderful camps since this whole adventure started, and, to be honest, they just keep getting better. Australia was amazing, and then so was California (both of them), and then Bauhaus, and Japan, and all the others (too many to list!). India this spring was incredible and then came Galiano. The camp where it all started and where it almost didn’t happen. But then it did. And it was fabulous.

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The right campers plus the right location plus the right teachers plus the right projects equals perfect, and that’s what it was. Every project was challenging and yet everyone succeeded in learning what they needed to learn, even the instructors! People were challenged by something and then succeeded at something else, and it was all up to them what it was (the instructors never push – unless you need it!).

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But it wasn’t all studio work – and oh what a beautiful studio it was. We enjoyed hanging out at lunchtime & blackberry picking & swimming (kinda!) at the beach. It is the ‘down time’ at camp that I love so much – actually getting to know the people that I’ve been in email contact previously, and then just loving every bit of them!

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All of the campers bonded instantly (they ACED the name game!), which I could accept credit for, but it was probably due to Cards Against Humanity in the non-internet evenings!

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One camper described their time at Galiano:

I don’t think there is a way to describe that connection [at camp] . . . unless you have actually experienced it. Type Camp was simultaneously a warm hug and that swift kick I needed to go out and explore this crazy mixed up designer world I live in; and the best part is I have 14 new friends to support me on my trek. . . . By the end of the week . . . [the campers and instructors] are amazing creative resources from around the globe that you can lean on to push your creative process as far as it can possibly go.

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There are many days when I think that this whole business is not worth the effort or when I just generally get frustrated when things don’t go as planned (do they ever?). And during those days, I now know to look back upon this camp and grin from ear to ear.

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Thanks to Liz, Matt, Tana, Renee, Ben, Elizabeth, Lumi, Michelle, Danica, Sandra, Kristi, Marian, Kristin, Alex, Stephen

& of course Moser, Ravi, & Peanut!
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