Twice as many at AdobeMax

Our time at Adobe’s awesome Adobe Max conference was mind-blowing! It was absolutely one of the coolest conferences that I’ve ever attended and it really was an honour to be able to have our very own Type Camp in the program. All 50 spots in our workshop quickly sold out far before the event even started, so when we got to the room, there were an additional 50+ folks trying to get in! Because you all know that I’m just a softy at heart (stern at first, a big pile of blubber by the end), of course I let them in. They didn’t have the supplies, but they were able to participate at least.

We were able to help out folks learn how to use a chisel point pen – not an easy task – and work on a few basic strokes of letters. People also loosened up and had fun with our final ‘make a letter and then let it go’ project.

We also hung out at the TypeKit booth, chilling in the ‘lounge’ and watching all the people playing with the wood type stamps. It was packed the entire time!

Fingers crossed that the AdobeMax team ask us back because we want to run more workshops (only 50 folks this time, we mean it!) and meet more of you type-crazy folks!

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