G’day, Type Camp!

Type Camp went down under to Melbourne, Australia in February 2012 with Stephen, Laura, Marina, and me as instructors.

Printing Museum Zara & Gerson

Chelsea drawing







We were located in a beautiful house in the countryside, where we awoke to the sounds of tropical birds, went to bed to the sounds of tropical birds, and basically spent all day talking type to the sounds of tropical birds.
(Did you know that Stephen Coles an expert birdwatcher? Typefaces & birds. The man is an encyclopedia.)

There were campers from up and down the continent’s east coast, from Brisbane, Sydney, Newcastle, Melbourne, and Canberra. Zenab made us all a wonderful Indian Feast, Gerson learned not to be the first to fall asleep first during the type movie, and Wayne shaved his arm so that we could all draw on it with a sharpie, just in time for his teaching his class the following day.

The campers learned a new approach to creative lettering with Marina, understood the secrets of type selection with Stephen Coles, explored non-Latin glyph design with Shelley, and looked for a sparrow every time Laura was nearby (How does she DO that?!). We spent two entire afternoons exploring and getting inky at the Printing Museum and an awesome time discovering the secret side of typographic Melbourne on Stephen Banham’sCharacters‘ tour. It was a busy week!

The group had so much fun that we vowed to have a reunion the following year. See you in 2013, Australia!*


*And this time, I had better see a wombat . . . . .