Type Tourist : Auckland edition

One way that camps get started is by previous campers suggesting locales. After meeting Fraser at Type Camp California 2011, I thought that it was time for one in New Zealand.

I stopped over on my way back home from the Australia 2012 camp and hung out with his mentor, the brilliant and oh-so-lovely Caroline Powley.

Caroline & ShelleyClaude the Cat







Pictured is Claude, Caroline’s roommate. He is often disenchanted with the world, and with Caroline. She took me out (on ‘official business’) to a nearby beach. It was amazing! I swear that Holly Hunter was playing the piano on the beach just nearby.









I loved my time there, from the Maori design motifs to the crafty shops around the town (dresses made out of paper maps? I’m in love!) – there was so much to see and be inspired by. I’m ready to go back NOW.

Maori patternpaper map dresses in Auckland







And then, all at once, my life became connected as I had a lovely dinner with Fraser, Caroline, and Jessica, who had just attended the Australia camp the previous week.

Fraser Bingham

Jessica Neale







Anyone want a Type Camp in New Zealand? Let me know . . . .