Type the light fantastic! Adventures in neon.

Last month we partnered with the awesome Peterson Neon in Oakland California to shine a new light on typography in full Type Camp style.

Our first ever Neon Typography Workshop was a super success! Five experienced (and brilliant, natch) Type Campers joined in to create one of the most fun day camps ever. Shawna Peterson, a truly amazing teacher, was ever so generous with her knowledge. She had the class bending glass neon tubing like a bunch of pros.

After a morning of talking type, basic neon info, and sketching out the glyphs for their signs, we broke for lunch (good food, it’s how we do). Post lunch, the glyphs were projected onto a wall to sketch out for scale, while some campers continued to finessed their initial sketches. Hmmmm… what color to choose, never an easy choice. Then, with a pop and a sizzle, the fire came on and it was time to bend some glass. So impressed with how this group took to it. Stay tuned for an upcoming post showcasing the finished signs!

The next Neon Typography Workshop is this autum and you won’t wanna miss the chance to be a real bright💡Type Camper.

Edit: Be sure to check out our follow-up post with photos of the finished signs from this workshop.


TypeCamp_Neon-1 TypeCamp_Neon-6
TypeCamp_Neon-9 TypeCamp_Neon-7

TypeCamp_Neon-20 TypeCamp_Neon-17TypeCamp_Neon-19
TypeCamp_Neon-22 TypeCamp_Neon-15 TypeCamp_Neon-11TypeCamp_Neon-13

TypeCamp_Neon-54 TypeCamp_Neon-48 TypeCamp_Neon-36TypeCamp_Neon-43