Vancouver (multi-camp) reunion

Oh Vancouver! It must be partly the location (Gastown is impossibly hip) or our workshop space (Fluevog is impossibly cool) that makes the Van classes so great – but I know it’s really the folks. Nearly all of the attendees were former campers, from the first Pointed Pen class here in June, to previous brush lettering and calligraphy classes with Laura Worthington¬†and Martin Jackson, to the heart-warming Galiano camp just this past summer.

This means that everyone was chatting and catching up with each other the whole time. Those of you that have attended know that I always force encourage folks to work with, rather than against, each other and to celebrate one’s victories. My ‘design’ of the learning environment helps to establish the right mood for the desired¬†outcome. Well, I didn’t need to give my preamble this time as our two newbies to Type Camp fit right in and followed the lead of the other attendees – that it was a positive learning environment that encouraged experimentation and confidence . . . and lots of laughter!

When I get to see folks that I’ve watched learn and grow over the past few years in camp, I feel absolutely fortunate. We’ll see you again in the spring with more hand lettering & typographic workshops.

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