Web Type West, finally!

It is with great pride (and slightly bleary eyes) that I can announce Web Type West, Type Camp’s first ever conference! For those of you that have known me for a while, you know that I’ve been creating conferences for nearly 15 years. I’ve jumped back into it primarily because I’ve noticed such a dearth of information regarding web typography in Vancouver – or at any design school. Web designers and developers have been asking me to make this happen, so here it is! (Yes, I do listen to what you want from Type Camp, see?)

I’ve gathered some old friends and some new colleagues for what looks to be an excellent day for the designers and developers out there.¬†Interested? Then hurry up and register as there are only 100 tickets available.

Thanks to all of the wonderful sponsors:






Butter Label

Blanchette Press

Alcuin Society

GDC BC Mainland

and an especially big thanks to former (India & Calgary) Type Campers themselves, Platform Design, for the excellent conference visuals.